What can I do?

We often ask ourselves introspectively and sometimes to others, ” What can I do?” meaning what can I do to advance the causes of freedom and liberty in America and help restore this country to a functioning republic. The question also belies the fact that many of us feel alone, helpless, nearly powerless in the face of the task before us.

What can you do?

1) Get informed. Read books that enlighten and watch movies that tell the truth.

2) Get off the couch. Turn off the TV. Exercise. Being responsible means taking care of one’s physical self and making time to take action. The only way to grow and maintain our strength is by using our bodies. Entropy happens and only be action will it be countered.

3) Acquire combat grade firearms (and the necessary accessories), learn how to use them, and carry them every day. This is the fundamental duty of American Citizens – to actually exercise our rights to keep and bear arms.

4) Use social media, email, and other means to spread the message of conservatism. There are many people ( who are fundamentally good at heart ) who have been misled and do not know where to find the truth. You may be the person that helps awaken and bring your friends to the truth.

5) Read and understand the tax honesty message in “Income Tax: Shattering the Myths”. Income taxes pay for the interest on the debt for money government borrows. Nothing would naturally reduce government than stripping it of the ability to borrow beyond what is necessary and proper to carry out its few and well defined powers than the proper and limited application of the income tax. It would also help restore economic freedom, encourage savings and investing, and nearly eliminate the nanny snitch state.

6) Serve on juries if called and quietly apply principles of jury nullification if you think the law is being mal-applied in the case before you.

7) Get out of debt. It cankers us to live in bondage to someone else.

8) If you have children teach them the conservative principles you know. Help them have a proper and healthy context for life where fact finding, reason, thoughtful dialogue, and compassion exist.


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