Proposed Statutory Marriage Amendment

WHEREAS, citizens of the states of the Union have, amongst their almost innumerable unalienable rights, the right to contract and the right to choose their associates;

WHEREAS, marriage is thing of common right;

WHEREAS, marriage is a private and personal relationship between husband and wife;

WHEREAS, statutory marriage places the citizen parties to the contract on unequal and lesser legal footing with the state being the superior party of interest;

WHEREAS, statutory marriage provides the state, as superior party of interest, with control over the fruits of the contract;

WHEREAS, it is well settled that all statutory marriage statutes related to citizens are merely directory or optional;

WHEREAS, statutory marriage presents and affront to the dignity and reverence that should be afforded marriage;

WHEREAS, statutory marriage schemes are repugnant to a republican form of government which is guaranteed in this constitution;

THEREFORE, statutory marriage schemes are forevermore banned in this country, and no governmental body may be vested with or assume any jurisdiction to establish or operate in any manner, and to any degree, a statutory marriage scheme. Any scheme that forms a union of citizens under civil authority is also banned.

No government body, federal, state, or local shall have any authority to declare marriage unlawful unless such marriage arises out of one or more of the following: fraud or deception, prior existing marriage or marriages, inability of one or both parties to consent, or insufficient age of one or both parties.

Where a need arises for government to establish that a lawful marriage exists, governments shall accept as evidence sworn statements of the parties, a signed marriage contract, a signed marriage certificate, a sworn statement from the officiator,  sworn statements of witnesses, photographic evidence,  or any other reliable evidence that bears upon the matter.

Any official of government, federal, state, or local, who proposes or votes for any legislation, statute, law, or rule that would result in the adoption of a statutory marriage or civil union scheme shall be guilty of a felony and upon conviction imprisoned for 10 years. Upon conviction any government official found guilty under this amendment shall also be barred from any public office for life and forfeit any accrued benefits and pensions.

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