Ed Brown 1911 Champion Molon Labe Fighting Pistols

Every able-bodied, mentally competent, non-violent felon Citizen should own combat grade handguns, rifles, and whatever other “terrible implement(s) of  the soldier” they choose.

They should also regularly train with these arms so they are “well-regulated” (disciplined) with them and they can carry and operate them safely, keep them running when they malfunction, and hit the targets at which they are aiming.

These fine pistols are highly recommended. They are not inexpensive, but you have to ask yourself, “Am I worth it or not?”

Ed Brown 1911 Champion “Molon Labe






The pistols can also be ordered as a Commander sized pistol with an Ed Brown BobtailTM.

Carry cuts and the ambidextrous safety are also recommended options.

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